Monday, 17 October 2011

Logo Design

Glynn had us do a logo for a company called The Gatekeeper Foundation... Here are 2 I did.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


We have been doing these small assignments with Glynn and learning our way around indesign.  He's gotten us to do quite a few different booklets, cd covers, catalogues, posters etc.  So here are a few of the things we did with him... He is more focused on the layout in InDesign than the actual designs.

CD cover for my favourite band (Chevelle) above.

Poster advert for a longboard above.

 And a menu for a coffee shop above ... COS I <3 COFFEE!!!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brand Challenge 3 - Lifesavers

The 3rd week and 3rd brand challenge was much more open.  We could now choose our own brand, tweak the logo a bit, and create a brand extension of that brand.  I decided to go with Lifesavers, and create a nicotine hard candy to help people quit smoking.  As I am a past smoker, I could relate to the product, and chose to design the roll of candy to imitate a cigarette.  I found the idea comforting and am hoping other smokers would too.  Here is my packaging layout as well as the 2 adverts i designed.

Brand Challenge 2 -

This time we had to created the branding, logo and entire feel of a radio station.  The name was given to us but we could take it in any direction.  I decided to make a station that was environment friendly, and who did fund raisers and events to raise money for Greenpeace SA.  (En-vibe-ronment).  In doing so I kept things to a green theme and in my opinion came up with quite a fun and interesting radio station, gathering inspiration from simplified plants and the earth shape.  So here are my 3 Print-ads as well as the logo (used in 2 different ways or colour schemes)

Brand Challenge 1 - Beechies Re-Design

This was the beginning of 3 weeks of no sleep... or at least a lack of sleep.  We had to research Beechies bubblegum, break down the brand, and then re-design the packaging, as well as make a mock up.  I designed 3 flavours, one of them being a limited edition special.  Then we did our presentation with the brand values, DNA, as well as architecture.  A print-ad finished up this long week of work.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Typography :)

What a GREAT assignment.  We had to take 3 songs, or bands, and create 3 posters focusing on the Typography as well as creating a connection between the 3 posters and songs.  Whether it was the message, or the colours, or the feelings it had to have a connection.  I had loads of fun with this one and was really proud of the end product.


Movie Posters

just a small assignment where we had to create a movie poster for a movie of our choice, not my best work, but still fun to play with things in photoshop.  We also got to learn a bit of InDesign.

Femme Website

Sorry guys, it has been a while since i last posted (i've been slack) and work takes over.  So here is our first website, we had to take our shadowbrand (which was Femme) and create a very simple website for it...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Femme - The beer with a Strawberry Twist

We got given a challenge.  To create a shadowbrand!!!! I found this assignment EXTREMELY fun, and I think my product turned out pretty well.  We had to choose an existing brand (i chose black label) then create a shadowbrand that had the same kind of feel, and would attract same market etc... So i created the first beer for ladies.  Femme, the beer with a strawberry twist :) here's how it turned out.  (All labels and designs were done in illustrator, and the bottles used were smirnoff storm

Fun time in Photoshop

I have been naughty lately, as well as extremely busy with work, and college of course.  It's tough being a full time student, and trying to find a balance between work, college and that little thing called a social life *sigh* I will perfect it one day... as for this post, it was just me playing in photoshop with a photo i took in the studio ... PS: i <3 hippy's

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lily Miss Riding Scarf

So I took this AWESOME pic of my friend chantel (aka Delovely) and played around with it in photoshop until i got something that looked like it was some sort of horror, or scary version of red riding hood (which is actually out at cinema's atm) and figured it would be funny to do a movie poster for it ... i'm just being silly.  My class really is lucky to have Chantel :) she makes such a great model.

Studio Work

In photography we've had loads of fun with our new studio :) i'm totally loving photography this year.  When the class has to do some portraits or people shots we always get my De Lovely friend Chantel to pose, and Louis nicknames her Miss Montreal :) here she is ladies and gents.... MISS MONTREAL!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Playing with Typography

Russell has been asking us to play with typography.  He needs us to understand the importance of it.  The importance of the font, colours, and placement to get the emotion or feeling through. Surprisingly enough, i'm kinda enjoying it :) the first one is just lyrics from my fav My Chemical Romance song.
The next one was me just messing around in class... but Russell seemed to think that with this one I understood how to get an emotion through.  This one makes me smile, and my class had a few giggles from it too.
THEN ... Russell came to me and said he had a challenge for me... To create some sort of moral awareness poster using the above font (which is called Cutie Pop) ... i sat for a few mins wondering what could possibly use this font and then *BAM* i realised it would suit children... so here u have it

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


This was a really fun assignment we did for Brett.  He asked us to find comic characters that could possibly relate to our own personality, strengths, weakneses etc and then combine them in photoshop.  My character is made up using the body of The Huntress, the torso of Moonstone, the hair of Sif, and the face of Scarlet Witch.  I also added the Witchblade in which gives her her powers.  Once we had done the character we had to then make the cover to our comic :) fun days.

Tuesday, 08 March 2011

Why is my heart in my Foot?

This was a quick 10 min thing that I just did for fun :) A little character I designed.

Sunday, 06 March 2011

Capturing music!

For the assignment 'iconic me' we had to do a photography section and one of the things I love most in life is music.  Although I was not personally given any musical talent whatsoever, I still appreciate it when I hear someone else playing.  These were shots of my best friend down by the beach.  We were going to do it on the actual beach, but on the day we found this really rustic looking shack in an empty parking lot, and it turned out to be the perfect place.