Sunday, 12 June 2011

Femme - The beer with a Strawberry Twist

We got given a challenge.  To create a shadowbrand!!!! I found this assignment EXTREMELY fun, and I think my product turned out pretty well.  We had to choose an existing brand (i chose black label) then create a shadowbrand that had the same kind of feel, and would attract same market etc... So i created the first beer for ladies.  Femme, the beer with a strawberry twist :) here's how it turned out.  (All labels and designs were done in illustrator, and the bottles used were smirnoff storm

Fun time in Photoshop

I have been naughty lately, as well as extremely busy with work, and college of course.  It's tough being a full time student, and trying to find a balance between work, college and that little thing called a social life *sigh* I will perfect it one day... as for this post, it was just me playing in photoshop with a photo i took in the studio ... PS: i <3 hippy's