Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Typography :)

What a GREAT assignment.  We had to take 3 songs, or bands, and create 3 posters focusing on the Typography as well as creating a connection between the 3 posters and songs.  Whether it was the message, or the colours, or the feelings it had to have a connection.  I had loads of fun with this one and was really proud of the end product.


Movie Posters

just a small assignment where we had to create a movie poster for a movie of our choice, not my best work, but still fun to play with things in photoshop.  We also got to learn a bit of InDesign.

Femme Website

Sorry guys, it has been a while since i last posted (i've been slack) and work takes over.  So here is our first website, we had to take our shadowbrand (which was Femme) and create a very simple website for it...