Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brand Challenge 3 - Lifesavers

The 3rd week and 3rd brand challenge was much more open.  We could now choose our own brand, tweak the logo a bit, and create a brand extension of that brand.  I decided to go with Lifesavers, and create a nicotine hard candy to help people quit smoking.  As I am a past smoker, I could relate to the product, and chose to design the roll of candy to imitate a cigarette.  I found the idea comforting and am hoping other smokers would too.  Here is my packaging layout as well as the 2 adverts i designed.

Brand Challenge 2 -

This time we had to created the branding, logo and entire feel of a radio station.  The name was given to us but we could take it in any direction.  I decided to make a station that was environment friendly, and who did fund raisers and events to raise money for Greenpeace SA.  (En-vibe-ronment).  In doing so I kept things to a green theme and in my opinion came up with quite a fun and interesting radio station, gathering inspiration from simplified plants and the earth shape.  So here are my 3 Print-ads as well as the logo (used in 2 different ways or colour schemes)

Brand Challenge 1 - Beechies Re-Design

This was the beginning of 3 weeks of no sleep... or at least a lack of sleep.  We had to research Beechies bubblegum, break down the brand, and then re-design the packaging, as well as make a mock up.  I designed 3 flavours, one of them being a limited edition special.  Then we did our presentation with the brand values, DNA, as well as architecture.  A print-ad finished up this long week of work.